Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oats Crunch Cake

Oats Crunch Cake
I had always wanted to bake a cake with only oats. That would be super healthy I knew. But I wasn't too sure if it would taste good or if it would hold well. Nonetheless, I gave it a go and the result was fabulous. And it's very easy too. I've stocked up on cooking oats and will try out different combinations which I will keep sharing with all of you.

Cooking  Oats – 1 cup
Cocoa powder – ¼ cup
Custard powder – 1 tbsp
Jaggery (powdered or grated) – ¾ cup       
Baking Powder – 1 tsp
Baking Soda – ½ tsp
Eggs – 2
Curd – ¾ cup (add more or less according to consistency of the batter)
Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp
Butter or oil – 1 tbsp
Dates – ½ cup
Walnuts (chopped) – 2 tbsp

Mix the dry ingredients well
Beat the eggs well and add to the dry mixture
Add curds, essence and melted butter to it
Mix. Add more curds if required
Add dates and walnut
Bake in a preheated oven (170 degrees) for 15 to 20 mins till a knife inserted into it comes out clean

Note: Finish it within two days. If you want to keep it longer, refrigerate it 

Health Benefits
Energy Boosters
Relieves constipation
Has calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium which are all good for bones and teeth
Has vitamins A and K that keeps the skin healthy and supple and slows down its ageing
Has potassium which is good for the nervous system

Helps in weight loss
Lowers cholesterol
Has mild anti-depressant and mood-elevating properties
Raises levels of free testosterone in your body
Helps in building more muscles

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