Monday, June 18, 2018

Black Rice Pancake

Black Rice Pancake
Move over brown rice and red rice. Black Rice is the new superfood. I had first heard of black rice two years ago. I was fascinated and ordered a small quantity. But I just let it stay in a corner in my refrigerator. I planned to make Black Rice Pudding but never got down to doing it for lack of time. 

Next, the same online site advertised their Black Rice Pasta. I swung into action and ordered it. But this time I used it instantly. It's there in one of my previous blogs. Suddenly I was determined to use the black rice that was lying around in my frig. Also, I had got lots of rave reviews for the black rice pasta dish. Suddenly black rice has become my new obsession. 
Finally I've gotten into my experimental mode. The reason black rice scores over brown and red rice is the presence of the purple pigment anthocyanin (an antioxidant) in its outer hull.  It's the same reason I am attracted to deep purple coloured brinjals, blackberries, black grapes and other red and black coloured fruits or veggies. Always try to get as much of this coloured stuff on your plate. 
The pudding is still there at the back of my mind but suddenly I came across this pancake recipe and was hooked. So here we are. Very simple to make and an amazingly healthy and taste pancake for breakfast. Now there are 2 ways of making it. One is where you spread the batter carefully on the pan with your hand. The other where you make a soft dough with the rice and roll it out carefully like a bhakri. Both are simple. 

Black Rice - 1 cup
Chickpea flour - 1 tsp
Jaggery (powder) - 2 tbsp
Fennel seeds (crushed) - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste

Method 1
Wash and soak the rice overnight
 Grind using little of the water to form a thick batter
Add the rest of the ingredients
Heat a non-stick pan
Spread little ghee on it
Drop the batter on the pan and spread it carefully with your hand to form a panckae
Cover with a lid and cook on slow flame
Spread little ghee and flip it over carefully
Cook the other side

Method 2
Grind the rice
Add the rest of the  ingredients to make a soft dough
Divide it in to three equal parts and roll it carefully between two plastic sheets
Heat a non-stick pan
Spread little ghee on it
Carefully place it and cook on a slow flame using a cover
Spread little ghee and flip it over carefully
Cook the other side

Health Benefits of Black Rice
Antioxidant rich
Protects heart health
Helps detoxify
High fibre content improves digestive health
Helps slow down absorption of sugar in the blood.. prevents diabetes
Helps in weight loss and management
Prevents atherosclerosis

Note: Anthocyanins are responsible for the red, purple and blue colors in fruits and vegetables. Red to purplish blue-colored leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, roots and tubers contain a high level of anthocyanins. They are found in high concentrations in blackcurrants, blackberries and blueberries, brinjal (in the skin), red cabbage, cranberries and cherries. Anthocyanins are linked to a range of health benefits.

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