Friday, September 11, 2015

Something More On The Sunshine Vitamin

Something More On The Sunshine Vitamin

I came across something interesting on Vitamin D. Cortisol needs a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to be produced. Insufficient amounts of cortisol leads to pain and inflammation of the joints. Back pain is related to a lack of Vitamin D and also deficiencies in vitamin B12, B5 or B6 as well.

Reasons for the Pain

Headaches can occur due to a lack of Vitamin D because people with a lack of Vitamin D do not sleep properly and suffer from depression. The lack of sleep, along with the pain associated with Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to headaches.
The issue with suffering from depression is that anti-depressants increase serotonin levels to deal with the depression, but they tend to increase the issues with insomnia because the serotonin levels remain higher, even at night when you should be sleeping.
Women who give birth suffer most from Vitamin D deficiency. They have their Vitamin D levels depleted by the baby, where it is required for development. Failing to rebuild those Vitamin D levels can mean poor sleep habits and can lead to postpartum depression and can mean mom and baby have sleep issues.

Weight Loss

Studies show that vitamin D could potentially stop the formation of new fat cells in the body.  It could also prevent the storage of fat cells, effectively reducing fat accumulation.
Vitamin D can increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that affects everything from mood to sleep regulation. Serotonin may play a role in controlling your appetite and can increase satiety, reduce body weight and decrease calorie intake.

Higher levels of vitamin D may be associated with higher levels of testosterone, which could trigger weight loss

Some Magnesium

If you start supplementing and still have headaches, some magnesium might be a good idea as well. Sunflower seeds can be helpful to get more magnesium, or an investment in a supplement is a good way to go. Either way, this combination should help relieve the headache, joint and back pain you may be suffering.

Note: Please consult your doctor for supplementation

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