Monday, May 22, 2017

Change your mind to change your body

Change your mind to change your body

This is my advice to all my personal clients and the patients I encounter at the clinic. Believe me, there are many who refuse to change their lifestyle despite health or weight issues. They want to eat the way they did in their 20s and even 30s in case of slightly older people. While I do not for a moment believe that one has grown old when one reaches 30 or 40, one must accept the fact that the body does age.. We cannot ignore this.

Genetically Blessed
Having said that I would like to add that the body ages, if, only if you allow it to age. There are a lucky few who look years younger than their age. One has to definitely give credit to good genes. But that’s approximately 10%. The rest is hard work and dedication for many. Do not overlook the fact that the person is doing something right; this can be a childhood habit or something acquired with age. But the bottom line is – they are doing something right.
I’m not talking about visiting the salon for expensive skin and hair treatments. These are just skin deep, superficial techniques. These are to be used like the cherry or chocolate sprinkles on the icing.

Somewhere Within
I’m talking about anti-ageing from within. Have you seen a man or woman in his or her 40s or 50s or even 60s with a tight, wrinkle-free skin, a fit body, a natural glow to the face and with a happy disposition? Such people exude natural warmth and positivity. It’s a pleasure to be around them. I’m not referring to those loud, boisterous old people who desperately flaunt their ‘feeling younger than my age’ status. You know what I mean.
So let us see what goes into the making of these genuine ageless wonders who display the maturity that comes with age but belie their age physically. I have observed and spoken to some of them and have penned down my observations and conversations with them (names changed of course).

Pallavi, 46 and married with two sons, 21 and 19. She is very particular about sleeping by 10.30 or 11 pm every night. She’s a morning person and follows a healthy eating and exercise regime. She likes being around positive people all the time. A worming woman, she makes time for her favourite TV shows and is passionate about cooking. Trying out new healthy recipes adds to the fun element for her.
Shruti, 54 and single. One look at her and she would pass off as a woman in her mid or late 30s. Her secret – healthy lifestyle. This involves clean eating (90% of the times), regular exercise and a disciplined lifestyle. Do the things you enjoy and surround yourself with positive people – is her advice. This reflects in your attitude towards life which reflects in your work and behavior towards others.
Ankur, 49 and married with a doting, health-conscious wife and two teenaged boys. He admits that he changed his eating and lazy ways after marriage. Fortunately for him, his kids keep him on his toes. They are sports fanatics and weekends are spent in playing with them. This is a more regular feature than chilling at the movies or eating out. So the weekend games and healthy eating sees him through. But he admits that had it not been for his wife and kids, he would have been spending a lot of his time in doctors’ clinics.

Tips on maintaining a healthy state of mind
  • Get enough shut eye
  • Drink enough water
  • Take a detox drink once in a while
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have a happy disposition

Now watch these videos. I do not need to say anything more on this subject.

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